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MecaNet 15.07.01

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MecaNet 15.07.01

MecaNet Review:

 Have you ever been found wanting in your job because of the lack of speed that you have while typing? Do you feel that you are not having the speed and the accuracy that you need to write projects or prepare reports on your computer? If you are looking to improve your typing speed and to do it in a quick and correct manner, then you need to download MecaNet  

 What Is It?

 MecaNet is a software that you can download on your computer for free to help you sort out your typing speed and accuracy problems. With this software in hand, you will be able to do better jobs when it comes to preparing project reports for your schools and colleges or preparing daily office reports, thesis and  other online writing jobs. The software uses the tried and tested traditional method of academics to help you out in your typing assignments. There are about 20 lessons that are offered in this program that will increase in difficulty as the course progresses. Completing the 20 lessons on offer will make you into a very good and speed typist. 

 How It Works?

 To start with, MecaNet shows you an electronic virtual keyboard that will help you in placing your fingers properly in the letters that you want to type. All the keys on the keyboard will be having a color that will correspond to the finger that needs to be used for the particular letter. This will help you in easily following the electronic blackboard that appears on your screen and you will start to learn to know which fingers needs to press which letters on the keyboard. Once you are proficient in it, then you can move on to working on the texts and letters that are shown. 

 Key Features

 - 20 lessons on offer that will advance gradually in difficulty.
 - The option to create a user profile so that you can keep track of your performance and also record your failures.
 - It is an ideal tool to learn typing for school students as well as adults. 
 - You can quickly learn to type without looking at the keys in the keyboard. 

 If you are looking to boost your typing speed and also complete your project and thesis work on time with great accuracy and no typos, then MecaNet is an ideal executable file that you need to install on your computer. You will quickly and easily learn the nuances of typing and you will never need to look down on the keyboard for locating the keys.

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